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Bullet HOB

Nano Hang-On-Back Protein Skimmer

Designed to deliver high performance in small spaces.

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Technical Specifications

  • Footprint: 4.9" x 3.1"

  • Height: 11.4"

  • Pump: Sicce SHARK Nano

  • Pump Power Consumption: 2.8 Watts

  • Minimum Tank Height: 8.5"

  • Filtration Rating: Up to 30 Gallons (light bioload) or  20 Gallons (heavy bioload)

*Requires Approx. 8" of clearance to remove collection cup

Compact, Innovative Design

Unlike traditional hang-on-back skimmers which can be a large eyesore for your aquarium, the AquaMaxx Bullet`s modern design can efficiently filter nano tanks up to 30 gallons with a footprint just the size of an index card!

AquaMaxx protein skimmers were designed from the ground up with the hobbyist in mind. The Bullet HOB protein skimmer features an advanced internal flow design to efficiently mix air and water, extracting the maximum amount of protein. Noise is minimized by the built-in air silencer and silicone noise dampeners, and the skimmer`s smooth, bullet-shaped body and transparent chamber allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. High-quality cell-cast acrylic is used throughout the build for maximum durability, precisely assembled by experienced craftsmen to produce a top-notch product at a very affordable price.


The Bullet HOB features a high-performance SHARK Nano pump: an enhanced Italian-made Sicce pump. Each Sicce pump motor block is modified and fitted with proprietary AquaMaxx needle wheel impellers, which boosts performance much beyond that of a stock pump. The upgraded AquaMaxx SHARK pump is capable of drawing in and chopping up significantly more air, providing the optimum bubble size for protein extraction. Accumulated protein and organics will be vigorously removed from your tank so that you can focus less on maintenance and more on enjoying your piece of the reef.


  • Designed for nano aquariums up to 30 gallons

  • High-performance Sicce SHARK Nano needlewheel pump

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Simple to set up and operate

  • Ultra quiet operation

  • Compact footprint

  • Durable cell-cast acrylic construction

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