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HOB-R Hang on Back Refugium


Hang-on saltwater aquarium refugium system.Where to Buy

Technical Specifications

  • Main Body Dimensions: 16.75"L x 3.25"W x 12.75"H

  • Back to From of Inlet Distance: 5.5"

  • Back to Front of Outlet Distance: 6.5"

  • Fits Tank Rims: up to .75"

  • Pump (included): Sicce NANO Pump

  • Pump Power consumption: 2.8 watts

Please note: a Refugium light is not provided.  Refugium lighting is needed to grow macroalgae, and is recommended to run an opposite schedule to main display's lighting.

The AquaMaxx HOB-R Hang-On-Back Refugium is the quick and easy way to create a small ecosystem for your aquarium.

A refugium helps control nitrates and phosphates in a natural way by providing space for macroalgae to grow.  Macroalgae will compete with nuisance algae within the aquarium, and assist your filtration system in cleaning up the water column.

The HOB-R will also harbor many beneficial invertebrates which consume uneaten food or detritus. Invertebrates such as copepods and amphipods can be found living in the sand and liverock in many aquariums, however, these invertebrates can often diminish in numbers as they are preyed upon by inhabitants.  Adding a refugium will shelter these tasty fish snacks, ensuring that there is a colony consistently providing to the food chain and helping in the break down of organics, in safety.


  • A Sicce Syncra Nano pump powers the system, and is contained within a baffle

  • Baffle housing allows use of a sand bed in the refugium

  • Large viewing pain on the back panel for monitoring algae growth

  • Slotted pre-outlet helps keep macro-algae from escaping into the display

  • Outlet sponge helps keep microbubbles from entering the aquarium

  • Easy to secure and remove inlet for quick maintenance

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