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TS-3 Sulfur Denitrator


Sulfur denitrification was originally developed for the treatment of waste water in water treatment plants. This extremely effective process was translated for use in numerous public aquariums with great results. Once the potential of sulfur denitrification in marine and reef aquarium was realized, more and more hobbyists have been taking advantage of this nitrate-reduction technology.

Where to Buy

There are several advantages of Sulfur Denitrification:

  • Simple to set-up and manage

  • Needs no additional feeding with carbon based foods or to monitor feeding

  • Works well without the cost of additional electronic control

  • Does not require a protein skimmer to work

  • Will supply additional calcium to the tank when used as per instructions.

  • Units can be used in series for management of higher nitrate levels.

  • Long lasting: media lasts up to 2-3 years

  • Units can be easily refilled or serviced

  • Can be used for freshwater or saltwater

AquaMaxx TS Sulfur Denitrators use an up-flow design to maximize efficiency and reduce clogging. With a seamless body, removable lid for quick media access and a small, space-saving design, the AquaMaxx TS Series Sulfor Denitrators are truly in a class of their own.

Computer-Precision Engineered

AquaMaxx TS Sulfur Denitrators are computer-precision engineered and utilize the latest aquarium technology to deliver unparalleled performance and value. The series contains models that are rated for aquariums from 200 gallons to 800 gallons.

An effective and convenient inlet filter helps to trap particulates, extends the life of the pump and makes tuning the effluent drip rate as easy as possible. The high-quality pinch value allows for precise effluent control. Simplified inlet and outlet designs also improve efficiency. The unique pump baffle enclosure helps to minimize noise.


AquaMaxx Sulfur Denitrators are designed from the ground up with the aquarium hobbyist in mind. The computer precision-cut enclosure makes the reactor look and feel seamless.

Cleaning and maintenance is simple. Thumbscrews and keyhole flanges allows for easy removal of the lid.

The workhorse powering the AquaMaxx TS Sulfur Denitrator is the pump. Each reactor is equipped with an Italian-made Sicce Syncra pump. These pumps were chosen specifically for their small size, energy-efficient design and whisper-quiet operation.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 800 gallons

  • Pump: SICCE Syncra 2.0

  • Overall height: 20.5"

  • Reaction tube diameter: 8"

  • Chamber capacity: 9.9 L

  • Footprint: 11.9" x 13.4"

*feeding pump and media required and sold separately.


  • High quality cell-cast acrylic construction

  • Inlet prefilter to prevent clogging

  • Precise pinch valve

  • Pump baffle enclosure to minimize noise

  • Simple to set up and operate

  • Up-flow design prevents clogging and improves water circulation

  • Thumbscrews for easy removal of lid ‚ easy to clean and replace media!

  • Reactor can be place inside your sump or externally

  • Includes PH probe port for optional monitoring

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